Ledger, the portal to exchange* one crypto for another firmly.

Ledger, the portal to exchange* one crypto for another firmly.

Exchanging crypto lets you effortlessly trade one crypto asset for another, in a choice of complete or smaller amounts. Without fiat currencies present. Its an easy and simple method to test brand-new crypto assets and many other things.

Exactly why exchange crypto?

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Easily trade your own crypto, without having to sell for fiat currencies.

Broaden your own profile

Swapping is actually a quick way to test brand-new crypto which makes your own collection much more varied.

Grow your possessions

By swapping one crypto for the next at the correct time, you may be capable of making money.

Protect the resources

Turn from a volatile asset into a far more steady one to shield your own resources from volatility.

So how exactly does Ledger’s remedy perform?

an equipment wallet

that gives top protection for your crypto: their property constantly stay safe.

to change crypto and access all service needed : get, offer, grow firmly.

The great benefits of swapping crypto through Ledger

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Powered by our very own associates

Industry-leading security

Trade one crypto for the next in a safe planet making use of your Ledger equipment wallet.

Quickly & painless

Trade crypto in just some presses right through Ledger reside app with this partners.

Versatility of choice

With your couples, you decide on exactly who to exchange with, and the ways to do so. Youre responsible.

Everything in one spot

Ledger could be the gateway to change crypto tightly, and a whole lot: buy, market, growall in one software!

5 strategies to start swapping through Ledger

Buy a Ledger equipment budget to lock in the crypto

Ledger devices wallets include best solution to lock in, manage and grow your crypto possessions.

Grab Ledger Reside

It’s your gateway to safely and simply purchase, change and increase your property all in one safe app.

Set up the wallet

Buy* Bitcoin, Ethereum and more crypto in a protected atmosphere using repayment cards or financial exchange.

Discover a number of ways to grow* their crypto property passively, easily and securely.


Shop and regulate 28 various crypto effortlessly and safely from a single unmarried room.

And many more

The means to access a whole environment of crypto services in a single spot.

* run by our very own lovers. Accessibility susceptible to certification applicable to the partners in each jurisdiction.

Learn more about crypto!

Creating crypto cannot suggest running they. Once you own crypto, what matters is key that Adventure dating sites gives access to the coins: their personal trick. The individual which has had accessibility this key actually has the connected coins might do what they want using them. When purchasing, trading and keeping your own coins on an exchange, the trade actually possess their personal tips, and as a consequence, the assets. Perhaps not your. Like a bank keeping funds. At Ledger we created a remedy that enables one secure and possess this personal trick during your crypto trip and also to become the sole people accountable for your coins.

Understanding Crypto Swapping and

Just How To Keep Your Crypto

Exactly Why Choose Ledger Components Wallets?


Eligibility depends on the service provider. You are able to change crypto in more than 60 nations, especially in Europe, with the companion Changelly. It is possible to trading crypto through the United States with these lover Wyre . And you may exchange Ethereum tokens from all over the world with the lover ParaSwap.

For crypto which happen to be sustained by the swap ability, possible change from any money profile currently present in Ledger alive. Your dont need to make any particular consumer accounts.

Ledger alive, with these couples, allows you to swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Chainlink, Uniswap, XRP, exceptional, and other.

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